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Remember to have Fun.

While meeting with a bride and a groom recently, the comment was made that "I don't know how people will respond to this idea."

My question was to her was this, "how much do you want to do this?" If it turns out that that you are batting an Idea around inside your head for your wedding and you want to do this, ask your self this. Is this a fun idea.

As a Winnipeg Wedding DJ I always say this to my brides and grooms. Your wedding is yours and yours alone. It is not a Gopher The Music event and it is not a party run by anybody else. Everybody you have invited are guests into your life to celebrate with you. You want to have fun, HAVE IT!!!! Play like there is no tomorrow and Dance like nobody is watching. The people you invited are your friends and family and should be ready to have fun.... This is after all a celebration of your wedding.

When you meet with your Winnipeg Wedding DJ remember to ask about what we can do together to keep everybody engaged. This is when the fun starts.

Your first step is to call Gopher The Music Mobile Wedding Entertainment.

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