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Services Offered

I will help you not only plan out a Winnipeg wedding that is about you, but will help guide you through your day with a smooth flow that keeps the fun and surprises coming.   With over 30 years helping couples like you make their day grand, I look forward helping you make your day a memory all will enjoy!


Let's get together and discuss other services I provide your wedding.


Winnipeg Weddings

Unlimited meetings to help you plan your social.  Guidance on the day of your social so that you can put your time in where it is important, with your friends and family.  Interaction with your guests to keep the flow of your social smooth.   Wireless microphone for when you are doing your auction.


Light shows available on request.



Your Social
Other Events

Unlike a social, this is usually not a fundraising event.  It can be a personal or group celebration such as; a birthday, anniversary ,opening of a business, the winning of a sporting event, the end of a sporting season or a holiday celebration for a company or other social group.


These are fantastic times with many friends that you gather with and want somebody that will do more than just stand behind a table playing songs... you want somebody that will interact with your guests... be a part of what is making the fun happen in the room.

Taking the requests and getting out on the dance floor and teach the Boot Scoot and Boogie when the group is dancing in every other direction but the same....I will even play some small games with your crowd, when/if it is needed to break the ice.


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