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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use a contract?

Yes.   Gopher The Music uses contracts for the peace of mind of both parties.  Guarantees you a DJ on the date of your event.  This also puts in place the agreed.


Will the DJ dress appropriately?

Yes, we do dress for the occasion.


Does the DJ specify a setup time?

Yes. Generally 1 ½ to 2 hours before the event is scheduled to begin. Depending on required equipment.


Does Gopher The Music offer a light show?

Yes, for an additional fee Gopher The Music does have light show options. 

Do you offer MC services for my Wedding or Event?

Yes.  Gopher The Music does offer the option of MC services.  Please ask about this service during your meeting to get cost of this service.


Does Gopher The Music provide music for the ceremony?

Yes, this is a definite option, there is a fee for covering the added time and an extra sound system. 


Do you provide dinner music?

Yes.  Gopher The Music provides soft listening music for the background during dinner and this can be altered as you require.


What music will my DJ bring to my event?

Gopher The Music brings a vast selection of music to appeal to the wide range of musical tastes.


Do you take requests?

Yes, in order to maximize the events excitement.  Requests are very important.   Until I learn to read minds, I take requests to find out what people want to hear.


What if I have a song I don't want played at my event.?

Please let me know of anything you do not want played at your event.  It will not be played. 


What if I have a list of songs I do want played?

I encourage you to provide me with any songs you want to be played.   But please be aware that there are a limited number of songs that can be played in an evening and I do maintain the right to control what is played. 


What forms of payment do your accept?

Gopher The Music can accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Email Transfers

Should we feed the DJ?

The DJ is often at the venue working 2 hours before anybody has arrived and is working after everybody has gone home.  Providing the DJ a meal during Dinner ensures that the DJ will have the energy to get through the entire event. 



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