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What is Gopher The Cure?

Gopher The Cure is an annual Halloween Social that raises money for a local Not for Profit organization called the Never Alone Cancer Foundation.  They are a Manitoba built and run organization that directly helps those in need during their fight with the terrible disease.   
All net proceeds are given directly to NCAF as the event is 99% donation driven.   Our Partners in this endeavor are wonderful.  

  • The St. James Royal Canadian Legion No 4 - Venue

  • Olive Garden Polo Park -  Evening Snack

  • Cherry Tree Productions - Selfie Station and Live Broadcast Radio show. 

  • And many, many companies and people from around Winnipeg and out as far as Steinbach, MB that donate prizes for the big event. 

How do you get involved.   Well you buy your ticket.  And you come and have fun.  Now we do get some questions.   So I will try and pre-answer some. 

  • How much are tickets?; $10

  • Can I buy a support Ticket... Yes... You can E-Transfer your donation to and it will be added to the total donation. 

    • Some people will purchase tickets and ask us to provide them to people that want tickets but can not afford them. ​

  • Do I have to wear a costume?;  No, you do not have to wear a costume.  It is just fun to do.

  • Does my costume have to be in Theme?; No, you can come as anything you like.  But some of the prizes for the costumes are based on the theme. 

  • Is the event Family Friendly?:  Yes!  We strive to be a safe environment.  That being said.. you are coming to an event aimed at adults and there is adult beverages being served.   It is up to the parents to make sure that they are ok with what their kids may hear or see.   Sometimes Music may have questionable lyrics.   So you get to decide. 

  • Are children free?: No, I am sorry but they are not... Because of the limited number of people that are allowed in the venue, Each person counts.   

Some pictures from past events
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