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Recently a remark was made to me recently that has been gnawing at me for a little while now. It is about the role of the DJ or Entertainer at a wedding and whom we are supposed to cater to. One of the other companies that DJ/Entertain weddings are of the opinion... that the wedding planner is the only person that we need to cater to. That they have the power to make or break a company like I run. This comment has sat with me now for a little bit and has got my hackles up... Here is my opinion... right or wrong this is how I feel and I am sorry if there are wedding planners out there that read this and are offended... but the most important people to cater to are the BRIDE & GROOM and of course the Guests that they hired me to entertain. The wedding planner is that last person I am catering to. Now that being said... If there is a wedding planner involved with the wedding... I am happy to meet with them and work together to make the vision come true. When we work as a team we are unstoppable and the couple and their guests benefit from the collaboration. But when the wedding planner butts head with us... and interferes with the flow of the evening that we create with our couples... the only one that suffers is the wedding guests and the couple that hires us. Please don't get me wrong... I do not have a thing against wedding planners... Up until the reception part I think that they are potentially a great asset... it is only when they can't see past their own pad of paper and forget that we are here to make a memorable event for the couple that I have a problem.

Sorry to whoever I offend with this rant... Please have a glorious day...

And remember to "MAKE YOUR WEDDING GRAND!"


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